vendredi 25 mars 2011

Milk, Biscuit (and Coffee), seizing a precious moment with my son

He's shewing on his biscuit. Looking around, his big eyes embracing the world.

He's always been quite a kid, curious, patient, observing.

I just call him 'the artist'.

The other day we did go on a small shopping frenzy. The task: equip the artist's studio. We did just that. Bought a few things, nothing really fancy.

My son 'became' an artist. Not just by accident. That's just who he is. He likes to draw, with his tong sitting out. I just like looking at him, and encouraging him in his endeavours. He's special.

Him and I just hanging around. Two boys together, enjoying milk, biscuit, and me, just coffee. He's my biscuit. A precious gift that life has given me.

Smiling back at you my dear son, now, and forever.

With love,

Your dad.

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