mardi 22 mars 2011

Chosing a new path, one filled with love

You know it when you truly love someone. You don't feel the same, things appear to be more easy, and things that used to bother you don't seem to anymore.

Close to 4 years ago I explicitly was looking for peace. I looked outside of me, and over the next year and a half I found emptyness, to finally realize that I had all the answers inside of me, that I had everything in me to be happy.

I always had a strong value base, but never fully asserted my beliefs, what mattered most to me. People around me never really respected me, but didn't say so. They used me as much as they could, and I lived in a glass prison which I didn't know existed.

Funny. Not really. To one day wake up and realize that you have been living a nightmare all these years. This was my awakening, and I would soon enter a new chapter in my life, one which would resonate with respect, integrity, friendship, love and passion.

Some people make conscious decisions not to embrace their own life. They know it, however chose a different path, one to live "split" lives, where they are not true, hiding all the time, in "bottles", "drugs", other forms of addictions, etc.

My body sent me tons of signals, and more often than not I wasn't really paying attention, saying to the "body", "hey, I'm the one in control !".

Not. Soon, I was laying on the floor flat, in shock, and then my path to recovery, to true awakening, began. That's what it took.

I started living, but most of all, I began to "love" myself, chosing a new path.

I now appreciate what it truly takes to love someone. I love my girlfriend, my kids, my new family and friends, but most of all I take time to recharge my batteries, to cherish the journey, the learnings, the path to my own daily happiness.

Keeping things simple, appreciating the small things to unleash the bigger man in me.

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