lundi 14 mars 2011

Dad's bat-cave... regrouping before the circus hurrah starts once again...

Tonite's movie night however dad's batteries are completely shut down, it has been a long day, and I don't really feel like being a "super-heroe" this evening.

No need to feel guilty, much harder to say than to do sometimes.

I've given I'll my best to the kids since I've arrived, but after preparing super, playing jokes around the table and managing a few "headaches", I simply feel like retreating in my "cave".

Kids come see me, are asking if I'm ok, I am darlings and cowboys, your dad just needs a break.

Do we have any downtimes when we (as dads) don't feel that we need to perform? Our employers ask, our spouses ask, our kids, it's so easy to say "yes" all the time, but really, are we doing service to our own needs?

Frankly, I don't think it's a guy thing. It's a human-parent normal behaviour to say "wait a minute kids, just need my own bubble right now".

So I'm in the bat-cave so too speak, recharging my batteries, and appreciate the fact that my girlfriend and the kids are having fun.

Don't wait for me just yet, I'll come running before you know, all the circus in me to make you laugh.

But now, I'm just thinking in this zen moment I'm in, and I don't feel guilty, I always give my best to the people I love, all the time, there's nothing wrong with taking a break, a few minutes to regroup and give all the cuddles in the world when I'm done.

My version of the bat-cave is not so much a place where I hide all my toys and guy stuff, although there are some. It's really my own place, nothing fancy, just a place, a hideout, where I can regroup at my own speed.

Yeah, that's my bat-cave...

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