dimanche 13 mars 2011

An a-ha moment ! the joy of being a daddy and feeling so special...

Yep, I did just have one this morning when I stumbled onto a few new twitter feeds.

@goodmenproject, @thefatherlife, @danmulhern to name but these...

Have you ever felt true excitement as a dad? I do almost everyday, except when I'm doing discipline, who does?

However, there were times when I really felt all alone in the past two years with my kids. When I didn't feel I was capable of taking care of them, let alone taking care of me.

Then I decided to go the twitter and blog routes recently cause I had something to say. My own experience, I thought, I could share with others, to connect and exchange, to break a cycle of isolation which I've found myself in, where I felt alone, no one to talk to and share some of the pain or find some answers.

Then a-ha ! Stumbled onto really great twitter feeds talking about #dads and #fathers.

I'm so glad I decided to go social media crazy, I know now I will never be alone.

The beginning of an interesting journey, no doubt !

Friendships and great connections in the making !

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