mercredi 16 mars 2011

"The bigger man in me", thanks Chris Cornell...

One day I literally woke up. Funny, but I stumbled on Chris Cornell’s songs at the time. This was by no means an accident.

I did have a wasted life, needed to get up, do something more to quote Chris... my house was one of cards, not really strong. Needed to do whatever was needed to get more out of my life. I wasn't a mole, was ready to roll with my new world.

My speakers were on. OMG, did I ever listen to Chris' songs, quite an inspiration. And then I found my road, the one which I was going to travel, never to look back.

My soul was saved. I met someone. Starting living, truly. Doing stuff I always wanted to, but never did.

That day, I "changed" forever, and I've never looked back since then.

Remember "Ally McBeal"... she often went to her psy and to her despair, the only counsel she often got was to listen to "her" song... to help her find her way, easier said than done.

Thanks Chris for being around at a time when your songs really meant something to me. They still do, and as I'm listening to them again and again, I just smile, yeah, I sit back and cherish the road ahead, one where "I'll be the bigger man in me".

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