dimanche 25 septembre 2011

My Promise

Life's twists and turns makes for excellent blog posts, right?

I don't really care about posting my thoughts per say, I just need to say things out loud to make myself feel better. It's self serving. If it helps you, than so be it.

Being able to express our basic emotions, like anger, fear, sadness, is so important.

When you're caught in a whirwind, it's often difficult to express yourself, others may not be receptive, you may still be able to find the strengths and courage do to the right thing.

As I'm sitting in the sun this morning, eradiating with the contact of its light, I find my inner peace and I push-back my fears.

I am facing many major transitions on many fronts in my life right now. And I vow to manager these with respect and love, for myself, for the ones that will be impacted by choices that will be made.

I have reached another set of cross-roads, ones where I need to take action so not to perpetuate bad life cycles, things that are not good for me and that could continue to hurt.

I'm now 41 and life goes by so quickly. I appreciate simple things. Like this other day when I met this person. A gift. Generous. Loving. Peaceful.

I realized how much I liked these values but how much my life was not managed along these.

Perhaps there are things I didn't do. Perhaps there are things that other people did/didn't do. And together, perhaps there is a way that was not the right one.

As the sun caresses my body and soul this morning, I take all the energy that he provides me. I transform the sun's energy, channeling my thoughts into a powerful force within to withstand my strongest fears.

My next task is one of having / seeing my life running like a river, smooth, caressing, within a state of permanent inner peace.

Water is life. I've always enjoyed the water. Now, the time has come to have a meditating life, one where I become one and in total sink with my values and beliefs. Where I behave along my values and principles.

I am here for a reason. And I wish to use my life experiences to mold how I see my future unfold. Starting today, starting just now.

It's my promise.

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