jeudi 9 juin 2011

Here and now: living my own promise

I am no longer a prisoner that you wished me to be. I look at the horizon and see the light, opportunities that lie before me.

My life is one of my own choosing, of my own energy channeled through.

I am the catalyst, deciding not to be a victim, not to fall to battles that others wish to fight.

I'm no longer fighting, I'm moving within, along the current of my life, my steps, one by one, next to my loved ones.

Leading by example, standing up for what I believe are higher moral standards.

Where I go, the energy swiftly changes to the positive. I am.

This day will stay forever in my mind as the meeting place, a path that I've seen, that I've choosen, that I've built.

One day I had more questions that I could ever manage.

Today I do ask the questions, I find my answers by being opened to change.

By accepting. By letting go. By living my own promise. By being here and now.

Today, forever.

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