vendredi 3 juin 2011

Divorce on the Horizon...

Much reflection, time for action.

Almost 2 years in the making, but looks like I will finally be able to turn the page.

Life is such a long journey, I know I have been given a second chance, but most of all it's me making things happen.

I am a student of leadership, my leadership journey, the one of a hard-working professional, a dad, a lover, never stops. It's an enduring quest for excellence, of taking ownership, of not shying away from problems or things that I don't like.

Who isn't a procrastinator. I'm likely a 5-star NBA player on that front.

But there are times when we need to push the pedal to the metal, and other times when we need to slow down, be patient.

I am not patient. Now days, I recognize this, and see that I need to slow down or hop on another means of transportation. To listen, to reflect on what happens around me, and to take action in new ways.

My divorce, soon to be I hope, as taught me many things, but most importantly that I can't force something if someone doesn't want it.

Manage a change of this magnitude takes a lot of courage, and an ability to get help and advice when needed, to be open to what others have to say.

My horizon is filled with sun, I now look forward to collecting the fruits, and sharing them with the people that I love.

From your leadership student

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